SCAM – Cambodia

Phnom Penh Cambodia scam – Blackjack – a warning to travellers

In summary if you get approached for help from the local Bus stops like the stop going South on route 1 from around the independence monument or around the Russian market stay away!!! Full story below;

I walked to the local Bus to meet an older sweet man named George who asked for help for his daughter who was going to work and study in London and asked to meet him at 10 the next day at the kfc in the Russian market then kindly paid for my bus. I was slightly concerned and torn with actually meeting him but after talking to my local host who had 10 years experience living and working in Phnom Penh who said I should go as Cambodians are that nice!!

The next day i met George at the kfc he kindly bought me a drink we rung his daughter then 3 if us shared the bike to his house for a fish breakfast and Coffee! Then I met his brother who ate with me and the daughter there was lots of talk of making myself at home etc but very little if the advice they wanted! The brother and daughter then took me upstairs to teach me blackjack as he was a dealer manager on a cruise and had worked in Australia and the US! He then did many card tricks giving me perfect cards for wining which I played along for a while! It then came very aware that they wanted my help to scam a man and split the winnings at blackjack from Brunei he had met the day before on the tables then when the doorbell rang my head screamed with scam!!!!!!!!!! The man came in suited and booted I had no idea whether he would be in on the scam and scam me or not so I said I was uncomfortable with playing and made for the door! Things then moved very quickly the man from Brunei disappeared I was sat back down asking why I bailed on them then asked for some customary donation for the hospital unfortunately with not change I gave him $20 and he gave me $10 back I was annoyed but just wanted to get the hell out!!!!! I was then pushed out the house and dumped


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