Koh Samui

It was a long overnight journey south leaving at 7.30pm and arriving in Donsat Port at 6.30am for the sunrise. Then a ferry to Koh Samui, a bus to the other side of the island and eventually arriving at the hostel around 10am. After being on the go for around 15 hours I spent the day chilling at the beach and checking out the local area.

The next day I rented a scooter visiting many viewpoints and beaches across the island in a very relaxed and aimless way which was nice. Maybe I could have done more but never mind; I finished the ride by treating myself to sausage roll, mash and peas a rarity hence the treat but unfortunately it was terrible – the thought was appetising but the reality is western food is not as good over here.

The next day I got the boat to Angthong National Park. On the first island of Ko Mae Ko I climbed the steep rocky structures to get breath-taking views of the islands, bay and a lagoon. Unfortunately you couldn’t swim there but I did swim under the shaded rocks back down on the beach managing to cut my foot on the shallow rocks. Lunch on the boat  was rice, potato with spices and veg, fruit etc, while travelling to another island for a 500 metre trek, which didn’t sound far but it was a steep and very hot climb to 4 viewpoints which were fantastic and definitely a highlight to my trip. This is what I wanted for my birthday in Halong Bay but the mist there was disappointing – never mind at least this place offered a second chance.

Next day from Samui I took the boat to Koh Tao about a 3 hour ferry ride for more island hopping, this really is the dream of paradise!

The next day I went in search of sharks but unfortunately didn’t see any, however, while snorkelling I spotted a turtle. It swam right underneath me; an incredible and unforgettable moment. The next bays had a lot of dead coral but the fish were fantastic, little bright blue ones, long thin pointy ones, some with black fins and others black with a purple trim – all sorts of colours and shapes. We had some lunch on the boat on the way to Mango Bay where I enjoyed jumping from the top of the boat in to the fish filled waters.

For our final stop we went to Ko Nang Yuan Island famous for the sand bar that connects the three small islands; they have strict rules here. No plastic bottles or cans, no kissing on the beach and not lying on your own towels. The hard trek up to the viewpoint was worth it as I admired the clearest blue waters I have ever seen.

Khao Sok NP

An 8 hour journey this time took me Khao Sok a National Park in Southern Thailand.  The area is covered by the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world, huge limestone mountains shoot straight up in the air, there are deep valleys, lakes, caves, etc. etc. and so I was excited that I had so much to explore. However, that didn’t quite go to plan as the foot I had cut previously had decided to take bad ways. I visited the pharmacy and self-medicated but the trek along dirt tracks the following day, down restricted zones, was probably not the best decision for my foot. I had to make the hard decision to leave the island sooner than I had planned in order to get medical attention and also missed out on Phuket.

I spent the rest of my time in Thailand near Krabi but didn’t get around much as on the doctor’s advice and with the help of antibiotics I needed to rest. Despite not venturing far I did get to experience the most amazing thunderstorms that actually proved to be a highlight of the week!



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