Malacca back to Kuala Lumpur airport

Malacca back to Kuala Lumpur Airport

I headed back to the same hostel, making a note not to put my tablet under my pillow! As it was Ramadan and Hassan wanted to go to the mosque I volunteered to help with some of the hostel duties. I only did about 4 hours over 3 days but it was really cool insight to what working in a hostel would be like.

After a rather chilled few days I set off for Kuala Lumpur airport meeting a nice Indian guy on the way. He shared with me what it was like being brought up in Malacca when the English where there; it was a really interesting conversation and so different to other travellers I have met.

Unsure of travel arrangements to the airport I chose to arrive early. I wandered aimlessly around the airport inspecting every doorway with a view to finding the best place to sleep. Finally I decided upon a bench but it was far from comfortable; I think it was designed that way on purpose to discourage sleeping. It was my first taste of what it would be like to be alone and homeless and how lonely it could be. After plenty of tossing and turning without sleep I needed to find a toilet; the dilemma was did I leave my stuff and risk having it stolen or confiscated by security or lug it with me. I chose the latter but it meant when I got back my place had been occupied. My next bed was behind a children’s curtained off area with artificial grass; that was fine till midnight when technicians decided to check out the sound system blasting out ‘Gangnam’. I moved off quickly with my eye mask and ear plugs still in place, obviously looking like I had just woken up. At that point a Pakistani man approached me wanting my photo, (there’s no accounting for taste, but it wasn’t for me to judge!) I didn’t argue to that but blatantly refused when he asked for a kiss!!! He then went on to tell me he was a teacher and his boss was from England acting like I would know him personally. What an odd and funny experience.

Eventually I was on the flight to Miri, north of Borneo.



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